Thursday 080620
With speculations on who Joe Biden will choose as his running mate, do you think Donald Trump will keep Mike Pence as his running mate in this year's presidential election?
  • - 77%
  • - 7%
  • - 16%
Wednesday 071520
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Should Roger Stone have been given a pardon by the White House?
Tuesday 071420
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There have been several possible suggestions made for a new name of the NFL team the Washington Redskins; which one do you think should be selected as the team's new name?
Monday 071320
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Which recent music celebrity death was the most surprising for you to learn about?
Friday 071020
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Harvard & MIT filed a lawsuit against DHS & ICE over their recent policy involving online learning in regards to international students. Will this lead to the policy being repealed?
Thursday 070920
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Earlier this week, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman announced his retirement from the military; were you surprised by this announcement?
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