Weekday Mornings

Show TimeShow
6:00-6:05aFOX Radio News
6:07-6:09aNorCal Regional News
6:09-6:10aNorth Coast News
6:11-6:12aBloomberg Luxury Report
6:14-6:15aRegional/Local Weather
6:16-6:18aBloomberg Real Estate Report
6:19-6:20aFresh Grocer
6:20-6:22aYour Money Now
6:23-6:24aO'Reilly Morning Update
6:26-6:27aSRN Business Report #1
6:29-6:30aDogs on Death Row
6:31-6:32aFOX Radio News Update
6:32-6:34a Digital Life Hack w/ Kim Komando
6:34-6:36aMorning Weather
6:36-6:37aFOX News Commentary
6:38-6:40aPet Tips w/ Warren Eckstein
6:40-6:42aCalifornia Ag Today
6:42-6:43aThe Car Pro
6:44-6:45aTown Hall Commentary
6:46-6:47aThis Day in History
6:48-6:50aNorCal Regional News
6:50-6:51aNorth Coast News
6:51-6:54aRegional/Local Weather
6:55-6:56aBloomberg Business Update
6:56-6:59aCommunity Comment
7:00-7:05aFOX Radio News
7:07-7:09aNorCal Regional News
7:09-7:10aNorth Coast News
7:11-7:14aThe Larry Kudlow Rif
7:15-7:17aRegional/Local Weather
7:18-7:20aTodd Starnes Commentary #1
7:20-7:22aYour Money Now
7:22-7:23aApple A Day
7:24-7:25aTips for Today's Homeowner
7:26-7:28aLars Larson Commentary
7:28-7:30aTim's Tempting Tips
7:31-7:32aFOX Radio News Update
7:32-7:34aDaily Tech Update w/ Kim Komando
7:35-7:37aMorning Weather
7:37-7:38aSRN Business Report #2
7:39-7:40aJohn Tesh Intelligence for Life
7:42-7:45aThe Ag Business Update
7:46-7:47aRudy Maxa's Travel Minute
7:48-7:50aNorCal Regional News
7:51-7:52aNorth Coast News
7:52-7:55aRegional/Local Weather
7:55-7:56aBloomberg Business Update
7:57-7:59aCommunity Comment
8:00-8:06aFOX Radio News
8:07-8:09aNorCal Regional News
8:09-8:10aNorth Coast News
8:14-8:19aTalk Shop with Brian Papstein
8:20-8:22aYour Money Now
8:24-8:30aTalk Shop with Brian Papstein
8:31-8:32aFOX Radio News Update
8:32-8:33aMorning Weather
8:35-8:51aTalk Shop with Brian Papstein
8:51-8:52aRegional/Local Weather
8:52-8:54aLand and Livestock Report
8:55-8:56aBloomberg Business Update
8:57-8:59aCommunity Comment

Weekday Afternoons

Show TimeShow
5:00-5:06pFOX Radio News
5:07-5:08pNorth Coast News PM Updated
5:08-5:23pThe O'Reilly Update
5:24-5:27pThe Larry Kudlow Rif
5:29-5:30pTim's Tempting Tips
5:31-5:32pFOX News Update
5:32-5:33pLocal Weather Update
5:33-5:36pDogs on Death Row
5:36-5:38pFOX News Commentary
5:38-5:40pThe Fresh Grocer
5:41-5:43pOne Moment in America
5:43-5:45pTips for Today's Homeowner
5:46-5:48pTodd Starnes Commentary #2
5:49-5:51pBloomberg Small Business Report
5:52-5:53pBloomberg Green Report
5:54-5:55pLocal Weather Update
5:55-5:56pBloomberg Business Update
5:57-5:59pCommunity Comment


Show TimeShowShow TypeLive or RecordedPhone NumberWebsite
12a-4aRed Eye RadioGeneral TalkLive 10p -€“ 2a1-866-907-3339www.redeyeradioshow.com
4a-6aUnder the HoodAutomotive TalkRecorded1-866-594-4150www.underthehoodshow.com
6a-8aThe Brian Kilmeade ShowPolitical TalkRecordedNo CallersFB: Compass This Weekend
8a-12pThe Shopping ShowShopping ShowLive1-707-442-5744www.theshoppingshow.net
12p-3pThe Best of Dennis Prager ShowPolitical TalkWkdays 12p - 3pNo Callers
3p-6pKim KomandoTechnology TalkLive Sat. 7a – 10a1-888-825-5254www.komando.com
6p-9pBest of Markley, Van Camp & RobbinsGeneral TalkRecordedPrevious Calls
9p-12aWhen Radio WasClassic Old-time RadioRecordedNo Callerswww.whenradiowas.com


Show TimeShowShow TypeLive or RecordedPhone NumberWebsite
12a - 2aHollywood 360Radio SerialsRecordedNo Callerswww.hollywood360radio.com
2a-3aTalk Radio CountdownRadio IndustryRecordedNo Callerswww.blogtalkradio.com/talkcountdown
3a-5aToday's Homeowner with Danny LipfordHome ImprovementRecordedNo Callers
5a-7aThe Car DoctorMechanicsRecorded1-888-583-5692kudlow.com
7a-8aTownhall Week In ReviewNewsRecordedNo Callerswww,townhallreview.com
8a - 9aThis Weekend with Gordon DealNews/BusinessRecordedNo CallersFB: Compass This Weekend
9A - 12nFox Across AmericaNews/TalkRecordedNo Callers
12p - 3pThe Best of Dennis Prager ShowPolitical TalkWkdays 12p - 3pNo Callers
3p-5pRM World TravelTravel TalkLive Sat. 7a – 9a1-800-387-8025www.rmworldtravel.com
5p - 7pGun TalkFirearms, shooting & gun rightsLive Sundays 11a-2p1-866-825-5486www.guntalk.com
7p - 10pThe Bill Cunningham ShowPolitical TalkLive1-212-445-3926www.thebillcunninghamshow.com
10p - 12aWhen Radio WasClassic Old-time RadioRecordedNo Callerswww.whenradiowas.com
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