Thursday 092123
A government shutdown is approaching with a deadline a week from this Saturday. Do you think an agreement will be made in time to avoid a shutdown?
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  • - 44%
Wednesday 092023
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More talks are scheduled to begin today between the WGA & studios in the ongoing Hollywood writer's strike; do you expect any progress to be made during the meetings this week?
Tuesday 091923
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Today is Talk like a Pirate Day. Many famed pirates collected vast amounts of treasure during their careers that remain undiscovered; has the treasure haul from any of the following pirates been discovered?
Monday 091823
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More scientific discoveries were made last week that were not reported on; which one do you think was the most groundbreaking?
Friday 091523
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The 2023 Tour of the Unknown Coast is this weekend; have you or someone you know ever taken part in the annual 100 mile cycling event as either a behind the scenes crewmember or as a participant?
Thursday 091423
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While travelling back to Hawaii using only the stars and wave/wind currents, the Hawaiian vessel Hōkūleʻa arrived in Humboldt Bay earlier this week. Do you plan to visit or tour the ship while its docked in Eureka for the next few days?
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