Monday 051721
With the rise of digital forms of currency (such as Bitcoin & Dogecoin), do you or someone you know use a form of cryptocurrency?
  • - 33%
  • - 67%
Friday 051421
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To help with bicycle safety for riders on the Samoa Bridge, should the bridge railings be raised higher?
Thursday 051321
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It was recently announced that the FBI is investigating a new lead regarding the case of missing Teamsters Union leader Jimmy Hoffa. Do you think he was killed by members of the Mafia in the 1970's?
Wednesday 051221
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Do you consider it dangerous for a political party to be refocused around one individual's viewpoints instead of following or upholding traditional policies?
Tuesday 051121
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Both the HSU men's and women's rugby teams have been placed on an interim suspension due to reports of alleged hazing incidents; if evidence is found to support the claims, should those who took part in the hazing be expelled?
Monday 051021
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It was announced last week that Joe Biden aims for having 70% of all Americans vaccinated at least once by July 4th. With roughly 56% already having received one dose, do you think that goal will be met?
1 2 3 412