Wednesday 053123
Mentioned in a John Tesh segment last week, people who wear or use a fitness app were found to have an increased chance of losing weight & bettering their health. Do you wear or have a fitness app you use?
  • - 26%
  • - 74%
Tuesday 053023
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The NBA Finals will begin on June 1st; which team do you think will win & become the 2023 NBA Champions?
Monday 052923
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Do you usually travel during the Memorial Day weekend?
Friday 052623
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It was announced that the Denny's location on 5th Street in Eureka will be closing next week & be renovated into an IHOP. What are your thoughts about the announcement?
Thursday 052523
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With the Cal Poly Humboldt Rugby team winning at the nationals & a member of the champion Claremont College team being from Humboldt, do you think there will be an increased interest in rugby over the next few years?
Wednesday 052423
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If an agreement is not made before the debt ceiling expires, a small number of Congressional lawmakers are calling for the House CAO to withhold pay for all members of Congress until it is resolved. Thoughts?
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