Wednesday 120623
Speaker of the House Mike Johnson announced that footage from the Jan 6th riot at the US Capitol will be blurred before it's released to the public "because we don’t want (rioters) to be retaliated against and charged by the DOJ"; agree/disagree?
  • - 19%
  • - 81%
Tuesday 120523
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As discussed during Talk Shop yesterday, cold cases are worked on for years or even decades after the crime has occurred; which famous cold case do you think has the highest chance of getting solved?
Monday 120423
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With the announcement that a key member of Vivek Ramaswamy's campaign left to join a rival one, do you think he will end up suspending his campaign by the end of the month?
Friday 120123
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If a presidential candidate said they are "not required to support the US Constitution" if elected, would that immediately have you looking at a different candidate to vote for?
Thursday 113023
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Similar to an incident on a SW Airlines flight over the weekend, should anyone who causes a delay in the flight by opening an emergency exit & running along the tarmac be given a lifetime flying ban?
Wednesday 112923
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Were you surprised by the announcement last week that Jim Woods would not be running for re-election to CA's State Assembly next year?
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