Tuesday 100422
The newly released limited series on Netflix about Jeffery Dahmer has received mixed responses, with some of the more vocal critics being family members of his victims. Do you think Netflix should have cancelled the series before airing it?
  • - 45%
  • - 5%
  • - 50%
Monday 100322
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Were you surprised by the ruling last week with the Board of Supervisors voting to uphold the Planning Commission's decision regarding Nordic Aquafarms?
Friday 093022
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Do you usually watch any celebrity editions of game shows, such as Celebrity Jeopardy or Celebrity Wheel of Fortune?
Thursday 092922
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In response to a proposed rule for airlines & travel websites earlier in the week, should travelers be allowed to see the true cost of an airline ticket (including extra fees) before purchasing it?
Wednesday 092822
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Do you have plans to attend this year's Apple Harvest Festival on Saturday, the 1st of October?
Tuesday 092722
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Local musician Sara Bareilles will be arriving in October for a performance at Halverson Park on the Eureka Waterfront; have you seen or been to any of her concerts?
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