Monday 030121
Several scientific discoveries were made last week; which was the most noteworthy or interesting one?
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Friday 022621
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Earlier this week, the USPS announced a new design for their mail carriers that is set to begin production and use in 2023. Have you seen the new design put forth?
Thursday 022521
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Used by Alcoholics Anonymous, Racists Anonymous and several other groups, do you think 12 step plans are a good method for self improvement in individuals?
Wednesday 022421
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Due to the recent winter storms and power outages in Texas, will it serve as a lesson for other states to prepare for unusual weather changes or conditions?
Tuesday 022321
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Both Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo have been under fire for their conduct during the recent months of the pandemic; who do you think has a higher chance of resigning or getting recalled?
Monday 022221
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It has been discussed for years whether or not presidents should continue to receive intelligence reports after leaving office. What are your thoughts?
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