Monday 022624
Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark broke the scoring record for NCAA Women's Division 1 collegiate basketball earlier this month. Do you think she will break the overall collegiate record by the season finale this weekend?
  • - 92%
  • - 8%
Friday 022324
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When parking your vehicle on the street or in a parking lot, do you prefer to use straight or diagonal parking spaces?
Thursday 022224
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Since 1990, there has been an increase in the number of people under 50 who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer; do you think nationwide nutritional changes will lead to that number dropping in the next several years?
Wednesday 022124
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If given the option, would you be in favor of removing some of the "bulb-outs" that have been installed in Eureka?
Tuesday 022024
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After suffering a 3rd medical issue within the last several weeks, do you think that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will step down from his position in the next month or so?
Monday 021924
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Today is President's Day; which president worked to save football from being banned in the United States?
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