Monday 052118
A Victorian era diary which detailed aspects of the Jack the Ripper murders was confirmed last year to be authentic. Do you believe this will help solve the centuries old case?
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  • - 45%
Friday 051818
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With the release of a yearly Software Security report showing that the government is more vulnerable to online attacks, should the White House have gotten rid of the nation's cyber security coordinator?
Thursday 051718
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Do you agree that people should wait until after the meeting between the US and N. Korea to discuss if Donald Trump should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?
Wednesday 051618
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A recent study from Blue Cross Blue Shield suggests cell phone usage was linked to increased depression rates. How often do you use a cell phone or other mobile device during the day?
Tuesday 051518
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How should use of public transit be encouraged?
Monday 051418
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Should the White House punish intern Kelly Sadler for her comments regarding ailing senator John McCain?
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