Monday 120522
As we continue through the cooler seasons of the year, how often do you donate clothes to homeless shelters or nonprofit organizations?
  • - 18%
  • - 47%
  • - 34%
Friday 112522
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A common tradition on Thanksgiving before having the dinner with family is participating in the annual Turkey Trot; do you usually take part in the annual Trot in Old Town Eureka?
Thursday 112422
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Today is Thanksgiving; what TV 'Thanksgiving special/episode' is your favorite?
Wednesday 112322
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As brought up last week by Lars Larson, do you usually allow talks of politics to occur during Thanksgiving dinner?
Tuesday 112222
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Due to the various concerns of human rights violations and allegations of bribery by the government of Qatar, should the United States have withdrawn from this year's World Cup?
Monday 112122
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After just under three weeks, most of Twitter's staff have either been fired or resigned due to unrealistic expectations from new CEO Elon Musk. Do you think the site will eventually recover?
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