Thursday 092123
A government shutdown is approaching with a deadline a week from this Saturday. Do you think an agreement will be made in time to avoid a shutdown?
  • - 56%
  • - 44%
Wednesday 091323
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Today is the anniversary of the police procedural show 'Law & Order' which debuted 33 years ago. How would you rank it (& the subsequent spinoff series) among other police procedural & legal dramas?
Tuesday 091223
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Are you in favor of the newly announced additions to the Old Arcata Road Improvement Project, which includes adding a roundabout at the Jacoby Creek intersection along with adding bike lanes & extending sidewalks in that area?
Friday 090823
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On this day back in 1974, President Gerald Ford granted a full pardon to his predecessor Richard Nixon for crimes he may have committed in office, particularly his connection to the Watergate Scandal. Do you agree or disagree with the decision?
Thursday 090723
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Brought up at a recent City Council meeting, do you agree or disagree with a 1959 ordinance that if a business plans to close they first need to obtain a 'Going Out of Business Permit'?
Wednesday 090623
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In light of both Mitch McConnell & Diane Feinstein having health related issues this year, GOP candidate Nikki Haley suggested competency tests for government leaders. Thoughts?
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