Monday 042224
What are your thoughts about the ruling/decision last week in Arcata that defaulted to the CA Superior Court's ruling that the Earth Flag is to be placed UNDERNEATH the national & state flags atop city owned flagpoles?
  • - 82%
  • - 12%
  • - 6%
Friday 041224
Poll Results:
After the Civil War, the nation's capital was almost moved from Washington DC to St. Louis. True/False?
Thursday 041124
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With several more Boeing airplanes suffering mechanical issues in the last few weeks, do you think people will look to use other forms of long distance travelling during summer/the rest of the year?
Wednesday 041024
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With the 2024 Arcata Farmer's Market season starting up later this month, do you agree with the recent decision to close down all the streets in Arcata on the Plaza during the weekly event?
Tuesday 040924
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As discussed last week on Markley, Van Camp & Robbins, do you think the vice presidential debate for this year's election will be more important or impactful than the actual presidential debate(s)?
Monday 040824
Poll Results:
There have been 3 Unesco World Heritage sites that were delisted for various reasons; do you think any of the following will regain their status?
1 2 3 4 565