Wednesday 053123
Mentioned in a John Tesh segment last week, people who wear or use a fitness app were found to have an increased chance of losing weight & bettering their health. Do you wear or have a fitness app you use?
  • - 26%
  • - 74%
Tuesday 052323
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Similar to recent allegations made against Rudy Giuliani this month, if a politician or advisor was found to have sold or offered to sell pardons, should they face severe criminal charges & years in prison?
Monday 052223
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Where is the tallest peak in the solar system located?
Friday 051923
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In Oregon, a voter approved measure states that lawmakers who have 10 or more unexcused absences would be barred from running for reelection. Would you vote in favor of a similar bill in California?
Thursday 051823
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With ground being broken last week at the Craftsman Mall location in Arcata, the 241 unit Cal-Poly Humboldt student housing development project is underway. With an expected completion date of 2025, do you think it will be completed by then?
Wednesday 051723
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With many states still allowing the practice of child marriages (with some allegedly being as young as 12 years old), do you think a nationwide ban on the practice will eventually be made into law?
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