Monday 120522
As we continue through the cooler seasons of the year, how often do you donate clothes to homeless shelters or nonprofit organizations?
  • - 18%
  • - 47%
  • - 34%
Friday 111822
Poll Results:
After passing in the House earlier this year, do you think the Respect for Marriage Act, that would shield same sex & interracial marriages from future Supreme Court decisions, will also pass in the Senate when put to a vote?
Thursday 111722
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By coming in first place, Ferndale resident Ryan Farmer became the world's top downhill street Luge competitor in this year's World Skate Games Championships. Where do you think the first official street luge race took place?
Wednesday 111622
Poll Results:
Yesterday, Kevin McCarthy received enough votes to be nominated as the Speaker of the House; would you have voted for a different person to become the next Speaker?
Tuesday 111522
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Another plane crash involving a WWII B-17 Flying Fortress occurred over the weekend in Texas; should all the remaining flightworthy Flying Fortress' remain permenantly grounded?
Monday 111422
Poll Results:
While it remains uncertain which party will take control of the House, do you think Nancy Pelosi will retire after serving in Congress for 18 terms?
1 2 3 4 5 493