Thursday 092123
A government shutdown is approaching with a deadline a week from this Saturday. Do you think an agreement will be made in time to avoid a shutdown?
  • - 56%
  • - 44%
Monday 090423
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With the announcement last week that famed musician Jimmy Buffett passed away at the age of 76, which song was not part of the famed 'Big 10' that would be performed at most of his concert appearances?
Friday 090123
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Do you usually travel during the 3 day Labor Day weekend?
Thursday 083123
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With a report that one of the co-defendents in the Georgia election fraud case admitted that he signed false papers claiming to be an official elector, will that ultimately have any effect on the outcome of the case for the others being charged?
Wednesday 083023
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As there are only a few weeks of summer remaining, have you travelled out of the area during the summer months?
Tuesday 082923
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A public workshop in regards to more discussions involving Fernbridge & access to & out of Ferndale will be held tomorrow at City Hall. Do you plan to attend the meeting?
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