Monday 022624
Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark broke the scoring record for NCAA Women's Division 1 collegiate basketball earlier this month. Do you think she will break the overall collegiate record by the season finale this weekend?
  • - 92%
  • - 8%
Friday 020924
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As reported this week, do you agree with the decision by the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District to 'give back' part of the Mad River for instream flows for environmental use?
Thursday 020824
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The Super Bowl is coming up on this Sunday; which team do you think will win & become champions in 2024?
Wednesday 020724
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With all the wet & windy conditions Humboldt County has already faced this year, has your home or property suffered any damage from flooding or rainfall?
Tuesday 020624
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Similar to a recent bill that was vetoed in Florida, do you agree that state taxpayer money should NOT be sent to presidential candidates for their personal use?
Monday 020524
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At the end of last month, it was announced that the sale of Mad River Hospital to a company in Arizona fell through; thoughts?
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