Wednesday 120623
Speaker of the House Mike Johnson announced that footage from the Jan 6th riot at the US Capitol will be blurred before it's released to the public "because we don’t want (rioters) to be retaliated against and charged by the DOJ"; agree/disagree?
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Tuesday 111423
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There will be a meeting tomorrow at Eureka City Hall in regards to the proposed "Sunset Heights" 80 unit housing complex that is set to be built near Winco; will you be attending the meeting?
Monday 111323
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A recent case brought to the Supreme Court involves whether people with a history of domestic violence should be allowed to or prevented from owning firearms. If you were a justice, how would you vote on the case?
Friday 111023
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As brought up during a recent edition of Talk Shop, what type of grading scale for assignments would you prefer seeing used in schools?
Thursday 110923
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53 years ago, the infamous 'Exploding Sperm Whale' incident occurred in Oregon. Which town/city did the incident occur in?
Wednesday 110823
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One of the topics of yesterday's City Council meeting was a proposal to convert the vacant Chalet House of Omelets building on North 5th street to a commercial kitchen with facilities & a storage site for food trucks to use. Thoughts?
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