Monday 022624
Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark broke the scoring record for NCAA Women's Division 1 collegiate basketball earlier this month. Do you think she will break the overall collegiate record by the season finale this weekend?
  • - 92%
  • - 8%
Friday 012624
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On this day, the world's largest diamond, the Cullinan Diamond, was found in South Africa; what do you think was the estimated value given for it?
Thursday 012524
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Even though Election Day is many months away, are you expecting many surprises in Congressional races for the House & Senate?
Wednesday 012424
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After filming has completed and it has been released to theaters, will you be going to see the untitled Paul Thomas Anderson movie that was filmed in Humboldt County?
Tuesday 012324
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With most of the other candidates dropping out of the 2024 race, Nikki Haley has maintained a decent hold in the GOP despite being the subject of increased name calling & 'birther' claims; do you think she is capable of clinching the nomination?
Monday 012224
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Today, the Humboldt Transit Authority began a $2 'Redwood Coast Express' route that runs to Ukiah; do you think there will be other long distance routes added in the next few years?
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