Thursday 022521
Used by Alcoholics Anonymous, Racists Anonymous and several other groups, do you think 12 step plans are a good method for self improvement in individuals?
  • - 79%
  • - 21%
Wednesday 012021
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Many new safety measures have been implemented at the Capitol building, including metal detectors that lawmakers must go through before heading to the chamber. Some lawmakers have pushed back against the new measures; what do you think?
Tuesday 011920
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With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' swearing in expected to be a mostly virtual event, do you plan on tuning in to watch it?
Monday 011821
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Several scientific discoveries have already been made in 2021; which do you think has been the most interesting or groundbreaking?
Friday 011521
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Even though the 2020 Olympics have already been delayed to this year, there are thoughts of postponing it again or possibly even cancelling it altogether due to COVID-19; which outcome do you think will happen?
Thursday 011421
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The FBI expressed warnings regarding more violent riots could happen in state capitals throughout the country similar to last week's incident; are you concerned one could happen in Sacramento?
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