Friday 073021
Due to several recent spikes in the Delta variant of Covid-19, the United States has decided to keep current travel restrictions in place for the time being. Do you think the restrictions will be lifted by the end of the year?
  • - 25%
  • - 75%
Thursday 072221
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Will you be attending the 2021 Fortuna Redwood AutoExpo this year?
Wednesday 072121
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Three books were released last week regarding the final months of the Trump presidency. Do you plan on reading any of them?
Tuesday 072021
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With the 2021 Olympics set to start later this week, at least twelve more athletes scheduled to participate have either contracted Covid-19 or have been placed in quarantine. Should the event be canceled all together?
Monday 071921
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Last week a 3.5 trillion dollar budget plan for the economy over the next 10 years was agreed on by Senate Democrats. Do you think it will ultimately be passed in both the Senate & House?
Friday 071621
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It was announced that Friday Night Markets will be starting up again in August and will be taking place on the Madaket Plaza instead of on E Street in Old Town Eureka. Do you think the Madaket Plaza be a better location for the weekly event?
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