Thursday 022521
Used by Alcoholics Anonymous, Racists Anonymous and several other groups, do you think 12 step plans are a good method for self improvement in individuals?
  • - 79%
  • - 21%
Wednesday 021721
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Were you surprised to hear that famed local TV star Guy Fieri recently purchased the Ferndale Meat Co. building in Ferndale?
Tuesday 021621
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Do you believe that the GOP senators who met with Donald Trump's legal team should have recused themselves from voting and participating in the impeachment trial?
Monday 021521
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The Chinese Lunar New Year occurred on last Friday the 12th; do you celebrate or observe it like the traditional New Year's on Jan. 1st?
Friday 021221
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While nominated twice for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, country music star Dolly Parton stated that she does not think she has earned the right to receive it. Thoughts?
Thursday 021121
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A 2nd grader at a Christian school in Oklahoma was expelled after telling a female classmate that she had a crush on her. Should the school have expelled the student?
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