Monday 091619
With the recent study done in Britain about people who are left or right handed, which hand are you dominate with?
  • - 12%
  • - 78%
  • - 10%
Friday 090619
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If a member of the military has a child born overseas, should they be granted automatic citizenship in the United States?
Thursday 090519
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Similar to what happened last week, are you concerned by the possibility of crimes being committed in outer space?
Wednesday 090419
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Several methods have been proposed to help conserve water. Which method do you think would be the most effective?
Tuesday 090319
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As part of recent retrofitting work at the Arkley Center, the famous Duane Flatmo mural is in the process of being removed. What would you like to see painted on the wall after the work is finished?
Monday 090219
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With the anniversary of the Beatles' final paid concert in 1966 last week, which member was your favorite Beatle?
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