Monday 022420
With one reported case of the Coronavirus in Humboldt County, do you think the virus will be swiftly contained before it can spread?
  • - 23%
  • - 77%
Thursday 021320
Poll Results:
Which personality trait do you value more in someone, honesty or loyalty?
Wednesday 021220
Poll Results:
With more people going online or using radio for news, stories and information, how often do you read a newspaper?
Tuesday 021120
Poll Results:
Do the winners of award shows (like the Academy Awards) influence what movies or forms of media you watch?
Monday 021020
Poll Results:
Approved last year, the US & London recently began treatments to help fight against peanut allergies. Will this lead to further breakthroughs within the next few years?
Friday 020720
Poll Results:
With discussions regarding off-shore wind projects already occurring, will this lead to an even more contested debate than the one regarding the Humboldt Wind Energy Project?
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