Tuesday 031919
Do you agree with Gavin Newsom's decision to halt death row executions?
  • - 9%
  • - 91%
Monday 031119
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As discussed by both Fortune.com and Lars Larson, should a company behind a drug approved to help prevent HIV have its patent broken and made more available to the public?
Friday 030819
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Have you submitted your 2018 tax return yet?
Wednesday 030619
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In light of the release of the film 'Leaving Neverland', do you believe Michael Jackson committed acts of sexual abuse towards minors?
Tuesday 030519
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Last week Bloomberg released a report about the healthiest nations in the world, with the United States ranking 35th. Are you surprised by the results?
Monday 030419
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Do you find it surprising that every president since 1976 has declared some kind of national emergency at least once during their term?
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