Monday 051721
With the rise of digital forms of currency (such as Bitcoin & Dogecoin), do you or someone you know use a form of cryptocurrency?
  • - 11%
  • - 89%
Friday 043021
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How would you rate Joe Biden's first 100 days as president of the United States?
Thursday 042921
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After the death of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth has given more responsibilities to the heir apparent Prince Charles. Do you think Prince Charles will eventually serve as monarch?
Wednesday 042821
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It was announced yesterday that those who have gotten fully vaccinated from COVID-19 may unmask themselves while outdoors. Even after getting fully vaccinated, would you still wait a certain period of time before unmasking when outside?
Tuesday 042721
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As reported a few weeks ago, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated that he believes that a third 'booster' shot may be needed within 12 months of receiving the two shot vaccine. Similar to a yearly flu shot, would you get a yearly COVID shot?
Monday 042621
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Several metal boxes have been installed to combat syringe waste and needle litter in Old Town and underneath the Samoa bridge; will two locations be enough or do you think more locations will be needed?
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