Monday 021720
With Abraham Lincoln's birthday and George Washington's birthday being recognized on calendars, should other president birthdays be observed as well?
  • - 7%
  • - 93%
Friday 013120
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Will you be watching this year's Super Bowl game on Sunday?
Thursday 013020
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A 2011 report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy revealed that the 'War on Drugs' has overall been ineffective and considered a failure. Agree/Disagree?
Wednesday 012920
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A bill proposed in Missouri would limit what books can be used in public libraries, with cuts to state aid and possible jail time for librarians if they did not follow it. Would you vote for or against the bill?
Tuesday 012820
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An outbreak of the Coronavirus has affected China for much of the last week; do you think there will be an outbreak here in the US as well?
Monday 012720
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Does it concern you at all that, despite claims of being impartial, Mitch McConnell openly stated that himself and the GOP are actively working with the White House during the impeachment trial?
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