Wednesday 112019
If a police officer is found guilty of committing a crime (regardless of severity), should they be banned from ever reapplying for a police or armed forces?
  • - 37%
  • - 57%
  • - 7%
Tuesday 111919
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Similar to a case in Iowa this month, if an inmate serving a life sentence is declared dead but then revived several minutes later, does that fulfill their prison sentence?
Monday 111819
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Until they find a new permanent location, will the Bayshore Mall be a good temporary location for the DMV?
Friday 111519
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With both Michael Bloomberg or Deval Patrick being late entries into the 2020 presidential race, do you think either one have a chance in securing the presidential nomination?
Thursday 111419
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Do you believe that a request was made by Donald Trump to have Attorney General William Barr clear him of any wrongdoing in the impeachment inquiry?
Wednesday 111319
Poll Results:
Will you be attending the Humb. Wind Project Planning Commission Workshop tomorrow @ the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka?
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