Friday 120420
The CDC suggested this week if people do not experience COVID-19 symptoms, they can reduce their quarantine time from two weeks to 10 days. Thoughts?
Thursday 120320
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With new phone models coming out almost annually, many people continue to argue which brand is overall superior; which brand of phone do you have?
Wednesday 120220
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Last week, Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in a college football conference game. Will other college teams join Vanderbilt and allow women to join their football rosters?
Tuesday 120120
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Are you concerned about reports stating that those who contract COVID-19 have a higher chance of developing anxiety or depression?
Monday 113020
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Do you think a presidential cabinet comprised of members from both political parties is capable of achieving more than one comprised of just one political party/group?
Friday 112720
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As a result of COVID-19 , do you think future Black Friday events will have either of the following changes?
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