Tuesday 052422
As discussed on the Travel Minute and by Trip Advisor last week, many people maximize their vacation experience by traveling to lesser known destinations to save money; do you usually do the same when traveling?
  • - 52%
  • - 48%
Monday 052322
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Last week, the first public hearing in 50 years on unidentified flying objects/unidentified aerial phenomena took place. Would you be interested in watching any future hearings?
Friday 052022
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The 2022 Humboldt Kite Festival is this weekend; do you plan on attending this year's event on Saturday & Sunday?
Thursday 051922
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How often do you attend local Farmer's Market events?
Wednesday 051822
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Over the weekend, more evidence was brought up that describes Russian President Vladimir Putin as being seriously ill with a form of blood cancer; with much of it having come from Christopher Steele, how credible do you think it is?
Tuesday 051722
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Did you closely follow the case regarding escaped inmate Casey White in Alabama?
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