Tuesday 031919
Do you agree with Gavin Newsom's decision to halt death row executions?
  • - 9%
  • - 91%
Monday 031819
Poll Results:
Does it bother or irritate you when someone refers to the Bay Area, instead of Humboldt or Del Norte County, as 'Northern California?
Friday 031519
Poll Results:
Do you think seven and a half years is an appropriate jail sentence for Paul Manafort?
Thursday 031419
Poll Results:
How often do you buy from locally owned businesses and vendors?
Wednesday 031319
Poll Results:
Do you believe that there is a lot of political prejudice/intolerance in Humboldt County?
Tuesday 031219
Poll Results:
With the removal of the McKinley Statue, should a different statue or monument be put in its place on the Arcata Plaza?
1 2 3 300