Monday 091619
With the recent study done in Britain about people who are left or right handed, which hand are you dominate with?
  • - 12%
  • - 78%
  • - 10%
Friday 091319
Poll Results:
Which of the proposed 2019 bills or laws which were rejected this year should be revisited in 2020?
Thursday 091219
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As a response last week to more criticisms against Fox News, anchor Neil Cavuto told Donald Trump that the network 'doesn't work for you'. Do you agree with his comments?
Wednesday 091119
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Since the 9/11 attacks, some older programs or films have edited out the Twin Towers while others have kept them included. What are your thoughts?
Tuesday 091019
Poll Results:
Which country has a higher chance of reaching a peace/nuclear deal with the United States?
Monday 090919
Poll Results:
Overall, do you believe the US has prospered or suffered by the ongoing trade war with China?
1 2 3 325