Thursday 012320
Similar to what is going on with the Houston Astros, if it is revealed a sports team used cheating methods to win a championship, should the championship win be vacated?
Wednesday 012220
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Having served as the president of Russia for most of the last two decades, do you think Vladimir Putin will remain in power for the rest of his life?
Tuesday 012120
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Pope Francis wishes to relaxe rules regarding priestly celibacy, while former Pope Benedict believes they should stay as they are. Whose side do you agree with?
Monday 012020
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Did you watch any of the Jeopardy "Greatest of All Time" tournament?
Friday 011720
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Do you think there will ever be another mandatory draft for army & military service?
Thursday 011620
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Many historical inaccuracies are still used in history textbooks; which of these 'historical truths' are you most surprised about?
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