Monday 042224
What are your thoughts about the ruling/decision last week in Arcata that defaulted to the CA Superior Court's ruling that the Earth Flag is to be placed UNDERNEATH the national & state flags atop city owned flagpoles?
  • - 87%
  • - 10%
  • - 3%
Tuesday 071613
Poll Results:
Many big retailers like Nordstrom are tracking customer's shopping habits by tracking wi fi signals from smartphones. Does this bother you?
Monday 071513
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More and more parents are using medical marijuana to treat their children's autism and epilepsy issues. Are you in favor of this kind of treatment?
Friday 071213
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Major US Universities are offering a limited number of massive onlinie courses called "MOOC's" free world wide. Are you ok with this?
Thursday 071113
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In 2013, we have possibly the most polarized Congress in history. Some say Political Action Committiees or PAC's are the reason. Do you agree?
Wednesday 071013
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With College Student Loans putting students in the poor house by graduation, would you support a "Robin Hood Tax" on all Wall Street transactions that could make a college education almost free or at the very least affordable?
1 560 561 562 563 564 565