Monday 081522
What scientific discovery that was not reported on last week was the most interesting or groundbreaking?
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  • - 9%
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  • - 48%
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  • - 4%
Wednesday 070313
Poll Results:
In a deal with FEMA, Russian Security Forces will soon be helping with security for the Super Bowl and other International Political Summits here in the United States. Are you ok with this?
Tuesday 070213
Poll Results:
With rain accumulations at 80% of normal and record high temps throughout the county, are we headed for one of the worst forest fire season's ever?
Monday 070113
Poll Results:
In more leaked information, it has been found the US is also eavesdropping on our Allies like Germany and the United Kingdom. Do you think this is to be expected in these modern terrorist times?
Thursday 062713
Poll Results:
Do you agree with the Supreme Court and their decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act?
Friday 062813
Poll Results:
With repeat offender crimes like burglaries and stolen cars at epidemic levels here in Humboldt Co., have you thought of starting or joining a neighborhood watch program?
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