Tuesday 100422
The newly released limited series on Netflix about Jeffery Dahmer has received mixed responses, with some of the more vocal critics being family members of his victims. Do you think Netflix should have cancelled the series before airing it?
  • - 45%
  • - 5%
  • - 50%
Wednesday 081413
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A New Hampshire school district has told a mother she can no longer pray on the steps of her children's high school. Do you agree with the school districts dicision?
Tuesday 081313
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An Indiana school is distributing drug testing kits to parents for them to use on their kids. Would you like this program here in Humboldt County?
Monday 081213
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A Pakistani TV show Host is giving away free babies to childless couples in that country. Most Pakistani people are relieved these children are getting parents. Are you also relieved?
Friday 080913
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If a parent is footing the bill for their college student's education should they be able to pick the major for that student's degree program?
Thursday 080813:
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M. Corrigan Maguire, an Irish activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1976, thinks leakers Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden should receive the 2013 Nobel Prize for Peace. Do you agree?
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