Thursday 120221
This week, it was announced that there would be no media allowed inside the courtroom during Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial; should they be allowed?
  • - 33%
  • - 67%
Monday 090913
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The Siskiyou County Board of Directors has voted for a secession from the State. Do you think that has any realistic chance of happening?
Friday 090613
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North Carolina is contemplating removing their State Income Tax. Would you like that here in California?
Thursday 090513
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A Federal Circuit Court has ruled Pres. Obama and his successors aren't obligated to make public the names of people visiting the White House. Are you ok with this?
Wednesday 090413
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Our country's first inpatient treatment program for Internet Addiction will open soon in Pennsylvania. Do you know anyone close to you who may be addicted to the Internet?
Tuesday 090313
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Chicago Public School Administrators are now requiring mandatory sexual and health education for kindergarten students. Do you think 5 years old is too young for such classes?
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