Thursday 062421
As reported in Australia, many are beginning to turn towards non-alcoholic beers and wines. Have you or would you be willing to try a non-alcoholic beer or wine?
  • - 55%
  • - 27%
  • - 18%
Monday 080513
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The State of Hawaii is now offering the homeless a one-way ticket home program to individuals who can't afford the ticket and have a support system in their hometown area. Would you like this program here in Humboldt Co?
Friday 080213
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The Senate is debating a bill that would give you the ability not to have your every move online tracked. Would you support the Do Not Track Online Act?
Thursday 080113:
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John Kerry has arranged for Israel and the Palestinians to engage in serious peace talks. Are you optomistic a settlement will come from these talks?
Wednesday 073113
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With Wildfires threatening Orleans east of us and no rainfall yet this rain season, do you have concerns you or members of your family will be impacted in a big way?
Tuesday 073013
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North Carolina lawmakers passed a law expanding rights for concealed gun owners with permits to bring their weapons into bars and restaurants. Would you welcome this in California?
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