Thursday 080620
With speculations on who Joe Biden will choose as his running mate, do you think Donald Trump will keep Mike Pence as his running mate in this year's presidential election?
  • - 77%
  • - 7%
  • - 16%
Monday 072913
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Four Dutch Tourists were arrested for breaking a new law in Russia called Homosexual Propaganda. They interviewed young people about their views on gay rights. Would you support a law like this in the US?
Friday 072613
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The Boston Marathon Bombing had horrific statistics: 3 dead, 180 injured with almost 25 losing limbs. Our question: Should accused bomber, Dzohkar Tsarnaev get the death penalty if convicted?
Thursday 072513
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Is the County of Humboldt able to handle the increasing number of criminals in our communities as a result of realignmen?
Wednesday 072413
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Do you support the expanded public areas in Arcata having a smoking prohibition?
Tuesday 072313
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Do you have confidence that registering water usage and springs in rural parts of the county won't be used for regulation purposes in the future?
1 365 366 367 368 369 372