Monday 021720
With Abraham Lincoln's birthday and George Washington's birthday being recognized on calendars, should other president birthdays be observed as well?
  • - 5%
  • - 95%
Friday 071913
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The Supervisors have extended the fee waiver in hopes of recruiting a new airline to serve our airport. Is this a good idea?
Thursday 071813
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Summer is when most people vacation. If you were traveling by yourself, would you share a hotel room with a stranger to save money?
Wednesday 071713
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Reality shows like Big Brother on CBS have cast members who constantly express racist and misogynist views. Though CBS says they don't condone those views, don't they perpetuate them anyway by airing the program?
Tuesday 071613
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Many big retailers like Nordstrom are tracking customer's shopping habits by tracking wi fi signals from smartphones. Does this bother you?
Monday 071513
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More and more parents are using medical marijuana to treat their children's autism and epilepsy issues. Are you in favor of this kind of treatment?
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