News and InfoMornings (6a – 8a) and afternoons (5p)
on KINS are full of local news,local information, local commentary and local lifestyle programming. Whether it’s Community Comment, Wall Street Journal reports, Northcoast News, or Weather Facts, KINS is the “Northcoast News and Information Station.”



Brian PapsteinTalk Shop with Brian Papstein is a Northcoast institution and the area’s only chance to hear directly from its newsmakers and shakers. Since the Spring of 1983, local officials and others in the community talk about local issues. Heard weekdays in the 8a hour, Talk Shop is your way to find out what’s going on around our community.



Rush Limbaugh has been Talk radio’s most popular host since his start in1988 because of his engaging combination of charm, wit, intellect, and timing. When Stages Magazine asked, “Who do you trust?” readers chose Rush Limbaugh second only to Oprah Winfrey. Rush listeners look for information from someone they trust. Rush has been a trusted voice on KINS 9a – 12p weekdays since January, 1989.



Ben Shapiro hosts the fastest growing talk show on radio! He is a leading conservative speaker on college campuses, consistently defending free speech and open debate. You can here Ben’s hard hitting news and commentary LIVE from noon to 3:00PM Monday through Friday on KINS 106.3 FM.




Jim Bohannon talks to special guests and his loyal callers on a spectrum of topics from current events and politics to entertainment and pop culture. Mr. Bohannon is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame. Jimbo is heard weeknights from 7p – 10p on KINS.




LarsLarsonLars Larson is a friend to the Northcoast. He spent some time as a youngster in Happy Camp and does his show out of Portland. He is well versed in the natural resource-based issues that are part of our lives on a daily basis. Hear Lars during the 10p and 11p hours weekdays.




hughhewittHugh Hewitt is a broadcast pro who has informed and entertained on radio and television for over a decade. Hewitt is a three-time Emmy award winner. The Hugh Hewitt Show is heard on KINS mornings 3a – 6a.




BLOOMBERG – THE FIRST WORD is heard on KINS each weekday morning in the 2a hour. The complete focus on this hour of engaging radio is to hear breaking economic, business and market news as it happens, around the globe.