Talk Shop with Brian Papstein is a Northcoast institution and the area’s only chance to hear directly from its newsmakers and shakers. Since the Spring of 1983, local officials and others in the community talk about local issues. Heard weekdays in the 8a hour, Talk Shop is your way to find out what’s going on.

Recent Talkshop Shows

  • Talkshop 042224 – Dwayne Petty
    Brian sits down with Dwayne Petty (New Heart Community Church pastor) & talks about different Bible translations & what the New Heart Community Church is
  • Talkshop 041924 – Karen Diemer
    The Farmer’s Market season & the recent Earth Flag decision are discussed with Karen Diemer (City Manager of Arcata)
  • Talkshop 041824 – Merritt Perry
    More progress towards the new Fortuna Police station opening its doors are discussed today with Merritt Perry (City Manager of Fortuna)
  • Talkshop 041724 – Rex Bohn
    Budgets & more windmill talks are among today’s topics looked at with Rex Bohn (Humboldt County Supervisor, 1st District)
  • Talkshop 041624 – Eddie Tanner
    Eddie Tanner (UC Co-op Specialty Crops and Horticulture Advisor) comes into the studio for today’s Talk Shop & talks about Farmer’s Markets
  • Talkshop 041524 – John Dalby
    It’s time to talk finances & recent increases in prices with ‘The Bank Dude’ John Dalby (Redwood Capital Bank)* *today is a three segment show due to some issues during the first segment
  • Talkshop 041224 – Sean Robertson
    It’s a tag team of firemen as Sean Robertson (Humboldt Bay Fire Chief) brings along Fortuna Fire Chief Rus Browne to talk about volunteer firefighting programs for today’s Talk Shop   
  • Talkshop 041124 – Stacey Eads
    New interns & challenges in reviewing cases in a short amount of time are discussed with Stacey Eads (Humboldt County District Attorney)
  • Talkshop 041024 – Michelle Bushnell
    With the fiscal year beginning next month, Brian sits down with Michelle Bushnell (Humboldt County Supervisor, 2nd District) to talk about how to plan & prepare budgets for the next year
  • Talkshop 040924 – Recology
    Comparisons in recycling in the US with other countries are looked at with Linda Wise (Recology)
  • Talkshop 040824 – Michael Davies-Hughes
    Retaining students, advancing a grade & other topics are looked at with Michael Davies-Hughes (Humboldt County Office of Education)
  • Talkshop 040524 – Miles Slattery
    Vandalism is a big issue in Humboldt, especially in Eureka & we talk about it with Miles Slattery (Eureka City Manager)  
  • Talkshop 040424 – JD Braud
    JD Braud (Humboldt County Undersheriff) comes by for today’s Talk Shop
  • Talkshop 040324 – Steve Madrone
    Brian sits down with Steve Madrone (Humboldt County Supervisor, 5th District)
  • Talkshop 040224 – Brian Wilson
    It’s a double dose of ‘Brian’ as Brian sits down with Brian Wilson (Northcoast Unified Air Quality Air Management District)
  • Talkshop 040124 – Natalynne Delapp
    State marijuana laws, plans, blueberries & more are discussed with Natalynne Delapp (Humboldt County Growers Alliance Executive Director)
  • Talkshop 032924 – Jenn Capps
    Brian sits down with Jenn Capps (Cal Poly Humboldt Provost) to talk about tenure & differences between public & private universities
  • Talkshop 032824 – Paul Craft
    Paul Craft (CHP) comes by to talk about similarities & differences between different police & Sheriff offices on today’s Talk Shop    
  • Talkshop 032724 – American Legion
    Phillip Nicklas & Tom Lukins (American Legion, Arcata Post 274) come into the studio & talk about contributions made to the county on today’s Talk Shop.
  • Talkshop 032624 – Gary Storts
    Brian sits down with Gary Storts (Eureka City Schools Superintendent) to find out some of the changes & returns to the school curriculum
  • Talkshop 032524 – Rob Arkley
    Rob Arkley (Security National) calls into the studio to discuss wind energy, Congressional issues & more on today’s Talk Shop  
  • Talkshop 032224 – Marc Matteoli
    Marc Matteoli (Benchmark Realty) talks about selling houses & a recent lawsuit with the National Association of Realtors
  • Talkshop 032124 – Merritt Perry
    Merritt Perry (Fortuna City Manager) comes by to share some of the ideas learned during a recent conference that can improve the city of Fortuna
  • Talkshop 032024 – Rex Bohn
    Rex Bohn (Humboldt County Supervisor, 1st District) talks about the recent election & if he will run again once his current term is up.
  • Talkshop 031924 – Yana Valechovic
    An appearance at the Redwood Energy Authority Advisory meeting last week & community power are among today’s topics discussed with Yana Valechovic (UC Co-op extension)
  • Talkshop 031824 – John Dalby
    John Dalby (Redwood Capital Bank) talks about tax & inflation rates on today’s Talk Shop
  • Talkshop 031524 – Karen Diemer
    Brian sits down with Karen Diemer (City Manager of Arcata)
  • Talkshop 031424 – Stacey Eads
    A county grant writing department to help access funds at the county level is discussed with Stacey Eads (Humboldt County District Attorney)
  • Talkshop 031324 – Scott Adair
    Scott Adair (Humboldt County Director of Economic Development) comes by to share some optimistic projects coming to Humboldt on today’s Talk Shop    
  • Talkshop 031224 – Cody Roggatz
    Cody Roggatz (Humboldt County ACV) flies into the studio for today’s Talk Shop to talk about increases in flights & potential new airlines coming to the area.
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