Tuesday 100422
The newly released limited series on Netflix about Jeffery Dahmer has received mixed responses, with some of the more vocal critics being family members of his victims. Do you think Netflix should have cancelled the series before airing it?
  • - 45%
  • - 5%
  • - 50%
Wednesday 103013
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Do you favor the NSA’s tracking of telephone calls and e-mails of Americans as an effort to fight terrorism?
Tuesday 102913
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Do you agree with schools banning celebrations for holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day?
Monday 102813
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Most adults think someone should be older than 16 before they are eligible for a driver's license. Do you agree?
Friday 102513
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A recent study links spanking kids to aggressive behavior and language problems. What do you think?
Thursday 102413
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Did the recent Government shutdown have a personal impact on you?
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