Share Of Ear Q3 2019: AM/FM Radio Continues To Lead The Ad-Supported Pack

Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” is the gold standard study of American audio usage. It provides an in-depth look at how Americans consume audio day to day. The report quantifies reach and time spent with all forms of audio.

Here are the key findings from their recently-released Q3 2019 report:

AM/FM radio leads ad-supported audio among major buying demos

For advertisers, focusing on ad-supported audio’s share provides a better picture of the platforms where audio ads can run. From 18-34 Millennials to Boomers, AM/FM radio accounts for over half of all ad-supported audio time spent. AM/FM radio’s ad-supported share grows with age.

AM/FM radio accounts for 59% of ad-supported time spent among persons 18-34. AM/FM radio’s share of ad-supported time spent balloons to 74% among 25-54s and 82% among persons 35-64.

Among the younger generations, ad-supported Spotify and podcasts follow behind AM/FM radio while older generations lean toward ad-supported Pandora and podcasts.

Nearly 90% of ad-supported audio in the car goes to AM/FM radio

Some may perceive that AM/FM radio is losing its hold in the car. Perception is not reality. AM/FM radio continues to dominate audio in the car, especially among ad-supported platforms, with an 88% share of ad-supported audio time spent. There is a steep drop to the next platform, ad-supported SiriusXM, which has only a 7% share of ad-supported time spent.


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