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New Reports From Nielsen, Edison Research, and Triton Digital: AM/FM Radio Is Crucial During The Coronavirus Crisis!

During these times of uncertainty, knowing the facts is more important than ever. Fortunately for the media industry, multiple studies have been recently fielded and released that shed light on how Americans are relying on AM/FM radio right now.

Here are key findings from three major studies:

Nielsen: To understand the current attitudes and media habits of Americans, Nielsen fielded a 1,000 person perceptual study during the weekend of March 20th through the 22nd via an online survey.

Concern over the Coronavirus is high and Americans are altering their regular activities with varying degrees by region.

83% of Americans say they are listening more or the same to AM/FM radio because of the Coronavirus outbreak

55% of Americans say they are listening to AM/FM radio the same. 28% say they are listening more. Only 17% are listening less. 26% say they are listening more to audio at home. Across a variety of devices, time spent listening is up.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, listeners are seeking out new ways of listening to AM/FM radio

30%-40% of persons 18-54 say they have searched online to find their favorite AM/FM radio stations, programs, or personalities. The same proportion say they have looked for new ways to listen to favorite stations and on-air talent.

AM/FM radio is the trusted source of Coronavirus information

Nielsen finds a majority of Americans say AM/FM radio provides timely and accurate information about the virus outbreak.

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