Thursday 022521
Used by Alcoholics Anonymous, Racists Anonymous and several other groups, do you think 12 step plans are a good method for self improvement in individuals?
  • - 77%
  • - 23%
Wednesday 011321
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Several COVID vaccines have been out and distributed to US citizens for several weeks; how would you rate the current distribution method for the vaccines?
Tuesday 011221
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Since their initial discovery, dinosaurs have fascinated many people with many states even have official 'state dinosaurs.' Despite many scientific & ethical dilemmas, do you think a dinosaur will eventually be recreated through cloning or reverse
Monday 011121
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As a result of Donald Trump's tenure as president, should the president give up all personal social media accounts (such as Twitter) during their term(s) in office?
Friday 010820
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It was announced that Joe Biden selected judge and former Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland for the position of Attorney General; what do you think of the nomination?
Thursday 010720
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With the storming of the Capitol yesterday, do you think this incident will lead to more coordinated security measures to quell rioters in the future?
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