Thursday 120221
This week, it was announced that there would be no media allowed inside the courtroom during Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial; should they be allowed?
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Monday 081913
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School will be starting soon for elementary and highs schools around Humboldt County. Do you have a positive feeling about the beginning of this new semester for your child?
Friday 081613:
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A Florida condominium association is refusing to allow prospective resident couples to purchase a condo if they are not husband and wife. Would you like this policy here in Humboldt County?
Thursday 081513
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A US District Court Judge in Fresno has halted water releases on the Trinity River meant to prevent a fish kill on the lower Klamath. Ar you tired of Central Valley Irrigators being allowed to take our precious water?
Wednesday 081413
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A New Hampshire school district has told a mother she can no longer pray on the steps of her children's high school. Do you agree with the school districts dicision?
Tuesday 081313
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An Indiana school is distributing drug testing kits to parents for them to use on their kids. Would you like this program here in Humboldt County?
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