Thursday 062421
As reported in Australia, many are beginning to turn towards non-alcoholic beers and wines. Have you or would you be willing to try a non-alcoholic beer or wine?
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  • - 20%
Monday 070813
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With our County's epidemic crime and drug issues along with below average employment opportunities, is there much hope our youth will stay around this community to raise a family and create a future for themselves?
Friday 070513
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Cardinal Timothy Dolan - the Archbishop of New York moved nearly 57 Million dollars into a trust fund to specifically shield it from lawsuits by victims of clergy sexual abuse. Should he be removed from office?
Thursday 070413
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For 237 years now July 4th has been a day we celebrate our independence as a people. In this modern age, do you feel that freedom has been compromised?
Wednesday 070313
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In a deal with FEMA, Russian Security Forces will soon be helping with security for the Super Bowl and other International Political Summits here in the United States. Are you ok with this?
Tuesday 070213
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With rain accumulations at 80% of normal and record high temps throughout the county, are we headed for one of the worst forest fire season's ever?
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