Friday 111519
With both Michael Bloomberg or Deval Patrick being late entries into the 2020 presidential race, do you think either one have a chance in securing the presidential nomination?
  • - 14%
  • - 86%
Thursday 072513
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Is the County of Humboldt able to handle the increasing number of criminals in our communities as a result of realignmen?
Wednesday 072413
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Do you support the expanded public areas in Arcata having a smoking prohibition?
Tuesday 072313
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Do you have confidence that registering water usage and springs in rural parts of the county won't be used for regulation purposes in the future?
Monday 072213
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With all the restrictions that have come down since 9-11, many officials are now saying we are no longer a democracy. Do you agree?
Friday 071913
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The Supervisors have extended the fee waiver in hopes of recruiting a new airline to serve our airport. Is this a good idea?
1 328 329 330 331 332 334