Monday 111819
Until they find a new permanent location, will the Bayshore Mall be a good temporary location for the DMV?
  • - 70%
  • - 30%
Friday 082313
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The Eureka City Council is considering an ordinance that would penalize hotel lodging establishments with excessive numbers of calls for Police and fire services. Is this is a good idea?
Thursday 082213
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As hunger strikes in California prisons become more prevalent, a Federal Judge has ok'd a request from state officials to permit the force feeding of inmates. Are you ok with this?
Wednesday 082113
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New Jersey is the 2nd state after California to ban therapists from trying to change the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian youth. Should banning this "Conversion Therapy": be expanded to other states?
Tuesday 082013
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New York Mayor Bloomburg has proposed fingerprinting that cities public housing residents to combat crime. Do you think that would work here in Humboldt County?
Monday 081913
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School will be starting soon for elementary and highs schools around Humboldt County. Do you have a positive feeling about the beginning of this new semester for your child?
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