Friday 111519
With both Michael Bloomberg or Deval Patrick being late entries into the 2020 presidential race, do you think either one have a chance in securing the presidential nomination?
  • - 14%
  • - 86%
Thursday 101713
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Do you think the Washington Redskins team name is a slur and should be changed?
Wednesday 101613
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A local firm has file two lawsuits against the city of Eureka alleging the city has been negligent in designing and maintaining city streets? Do you agree?
Tuesday 101513
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Do you think employers should be able to fire employees for refusing to get a seasonal flu shot?
Monday 101413
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A town in New Jersey has passed new law that will require beggars to obtain permits for panhandling. Do you think this would help our local cities?
Friday 101113
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Is raising the debt ceiling a good short-term decision in the midst of the government shutdown?
1 316 317 318 319 320 334