Wednesday 112019
If a police officer is found guilty of committing a crime (regardless of severity), should they be banned from ever reapplying for a police or armed forces?
  • - 36%
  • - 55%
  • - 9%
Tuesday 102913
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Do you agree with schools banning celebrations for holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day?
Monday 102813
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Most adults think someone should be older than 16 before they are eligible for a driver's license. Do you agree?
Friday 102513
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A recent study links spanking kids to aggressive behavior and language problems. What do you think?
Thursday 102413
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Did the recent Government shutdown have a personal impact on you?
Wednesday 102313
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Former Vice President Dick Cheney says the Tea Party is a positive influence on you agree?
1 315 316 317 318 319 335