Tuesday 082019
By the end of this year, do you think the protests in Hong Kong will still be occurring?
  • - 35%
  • - 65%
Monday 072913
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Four Dutch Tourists were arrested for breaking a new law in Russia called Homosexual Propaganda. They interviewed young people about their views on gay rights. Would you support a law like this in the US?
Friday 072613
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The Boston Marathon Bombing had horrific statistics: 3 dead, 180 injured with almost 25 losing limbs. Our question: Should accused bomber, Dzohkar Tsarnaev get the death penalty if convicted?
Thursday 072513
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Is the County of Humboldt able to handle the increasing number of criminals in our communities as a result of realignmen?
Wednesday 072413
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Do you support the expanded public areas in Arcata having a smoking prohibition?
Tuesday 072313
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Do you have confidence that registering water usage and springs in rural parts of the county won't be used for regulation purposes in the future?
1 315 316 317 318 319 322