Friday 111519
With both Michael Bloomberg or Deval Patrick being late entries into the 2020 presidential race, do you think either one have a chance in securing the presidential nomination?
  • - 14%
  • - 86%
Thursday 110713
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What is Humboldt's County's biggest issue...the homeless, jobs, or marijuana?
Wednesday 110613
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Should airline passengers be allowed to talk on their cellphones during a flight?
Tuesday 110513
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Should Christmas carols be banned from public schools?
Monday 110413
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Would you be in favor of a permanent closure of northbound Fairfield St to Broadway to alleviate signal time on Highway 101 in Eureka?
Friday 110113
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Arizona and Hawaii are the only two States that don't observe Daylight Saving time. Would you like to see this in California also?
1 313 314 315 316 317 334