Monday 021720
With Abraham Lincoln's birthday and George Washington's birthday being recognized on calendars, should other president birthdays be observed as well?
  • - 5%
  • - 95%
Friday 021414
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Should women in the military be allowed to fight on the front lines and perform all the combat roles that men do?
Thursday 021314
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Are you more likely to vote for a candidate with political experience or one who has never held office before?
Wednesday 021214
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Congressman Keith Ellison recently said Americans work too much. Do you agree?
Tuesday 021114
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Do you agree with schools banning candy or cards on Valentine's Day?
Monday 021014
Poll Results:
Should the military be allowed to offer U.S. citizenship to non-citizens who are willing to serve and do so honorably for at least five years?
1 312 313 314 315 316 347