Monday 061719
NASA mentioned that it plans to allow business ventures and tourists to soon visit the International Space Station. Should countries be allowed to send tourists there?
  • - 76%
  • - 24%
Thursday 062713
Poll Results:
Do you agree with the Supreme Court and their decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act?
Friday 062813
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With repeat offender crimes like burglaries and stolen cars at epidemic levels here in Humboldt Co., have you thought of starting or joining a neighborhood watch program?
Wednesday 062613
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Do you think the Senate and House of Representatives will ever come to an agreement on the Immigration Bill?
Tuesday 062513
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Do you think the US will be able to find NSA leaker, Edward Snowden and bring him back to the US to face charges?
Monday 062413
Poll Results:
With the current economy, do you see an increase in summer travel over last year?
1 310 311 312