Monday 072219
Will you be taking part in the 2019 Kevin Ebbert Memorial Trail Run next month in Arcata?
  • - 12%
  • - 88%
Friday 083013
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A bill that passed the State Senate would remove tax exempt status from the Boy Scouts, Little League, 4-H and other organizations that discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender, race or religion. Will you support this bill?
Thursday 082913
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If you have friends on Facebook who are late paying their bills, some lending companies are now considering adjusting your credit score down because of those delinquent friends. Is this fair?
Wednesday 082813
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A Southern California School District has hired a company to monitor social media posts by students to find out when teens are in trouble or causing it. Would you want this policy here in Humboldt Co.?
Tuesday 082713
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18% of Grocery Stores, 38% of restaurants, and 74% of Sushi Venues all mislabel the fish you eat. Are you ok with this?
Monday 082613
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In 1988 the US government knew Saddam Hussein was gassing the Kurds in Iran and helped him anyway with money. Now Syria has used gas and we are leaning toward intervening. Is our government being hypocritical?
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