Monday 022624
Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark broke the scoring record for NCAA Women's Division 1 collegiate basketball earlier this month. Do you think she will break the overall collegiate record by the season finale this weekend?
  • - 92%
  • - 8%
Friday 011924
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Last week, an A.I program generated a 60 minute comedy segment featuring late comedian George Carlin; are you concerned that companies will use the likeness of deceased actors for future productions?
Thursday 011824
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Were you surpried by the announcement made regarding the closing of the Providence Outpatient labs at both St. Joseph & Redwood Memorial Hospitals?
Wednesday 011724
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Are you concerned at all about the argument made by Donald Trump's legal team regarding how a president, after ordering the military to kill political opponents, could be protected from being prosecuted?
Tuesday 011624
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It was announced that Reggae on the River will be returning after a 5 year hiatus; have you ever attended a Reggae on the River event?
Monday 011524
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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day; which of the following is NOT a true fact about Martin Luther King Jr.?
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