Tuesday 100422
The newly released limited series on Netflix about Jeffery Dahmer has received mixed responses, with some of the more vocal critics being family members of his victims. Do you think Netflix should have cancelled the series before airing it?
  • - 45%
  • - 5%
  • - 50%
Wednesday 100213
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Should the FAA loosen restrictions to allow electronic devices for reading, watching videos, or playing games on take-off and landing?
Tuesday 100113:
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Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act starts today. Is this a positive change for the United States?
Monday 093013
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Do you think a government shutdown would affect your family?
Friday 092713
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A new California law allows minors under 18 to erase things they posted on the Internet. Should minors be able to rewrite their internet history?
Thursday 092613
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Would you be in favor of instant background checks for all ammunition purchases?
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