Friday 030521
If celebrities express an interest in someday running for Congress or president, should they first get experience by running for a lower level position such as a mayor or state governor?
  • - 85%
  • - 15%
  • - 0%
Tuesday 080613
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The California Appellate Court decided that if Police in the field think your marijuana plants fall beyond what medical laws provide, they can destroy your plants. Are you ok with this?
Monday 080513
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The State of Hawaii is now offering the homeless a one-way ticket home program to individuals who can't afford the ticket and have a support system in their hometown area. Would you like this program here in Humboldt Co?
Friday 080213
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The Senate is debating a bill that would give you the ability not to have your every move online tracked. Would you support the Do Not Track Online Act?
Thursday 080113:
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John Kerry has arranged for Israel and the Palestinians to engage in serious peace talks. Are you optomistic a settlement will come from these talks?
Wednesday 073113
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With Wildfires threatening Orleans east of us and no rainfall yet this rain season, do you have concerns you or members of your family will be impacted in a big way?
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