Thursday 100120
When buying a home, would you purchase one that is part of an HOA?
  • - 11%
  • - 89%
Monday 071513
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More and more parents are using medical marijuana to treat their children's autism and epilepsy issues. Are you in favor of this kind of treatment?
Friday 071213
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Major US Universities are offering a limited number of massive onlinie courses called "MOOC's" free world wide. Are you ok with this?
Thursday 071113
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In 2013, we have possibly the most polarized Congress in history. Some say Political Action Committiees or PAC's are the reason. Do you agree?
Wednesday 071013
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With College Student Loans putting students in the poor house by graduation, would you support a "Robin Hood Tax" on all Wall Street transactions that could make a college education almost free or at the very least affordable?
Tuesday 070913
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Early this year it was disclosed many weathy Americans maintain off shore bank accounts and shell companies to hide some of their wealth. Should offshore accounts be taxable regardless of whether they are in another country?
1 375 376 377 378 379 380